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My Top Ward 4 & Norfolk Priorities:

As your next Grassroots Ward 4 Council Member, I pledge to work with all Ward 4 and Norfolk
stakeholders to bring:

1. Safer Communities & Community Policing

Public safety is my top priority.  Norfolk must protect everyone, especially our children from gun violence by enforcing gun laws and ensuring firearms are not easily moved on the black market and into the hands of youth, gangs, and criminals.  We must find a way to offer the highest salaries and top compensation in the Hampton Roads area. We need to correct the salary step compression scale to support a robust and diverse recruitment effort. More community policing, criminal justice reform, and professional development training is needed for the Norfolk Police Department.

2. Affordable Quality Housing & Healthy Neighborhood Development

There is a critical shortage of quality affordable housing in the City of Norfolk and especially in Ward 4 which must be addressed. The neighborhoods should have more input into what is being built in their communities and the types of businesses that serve the citizens. 
I would start by having quarterly town hall budget meetings and invite all neighborhoods to join a task force with Norfolk Civic Leagues and citizens for input and ideas before funding decisions are made that affect the community. 
I would advocate for an overhaul and redesign of the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to refocus on the needs of the citizens of Norfolk. There must be more accountability and transparency for NRHA.


3. Excellence, Equity & Greater Funding for Education

 I want to improve the funding formula for Norfolk Public Schools and earmark funding from our corporate partners, the new casino resort project, and revenue from CBD dispensaries that will open in the city to provide equity to those schools that need it.



4. Economic Development, Protecting the Environment & Higher Paying Jobs for All

The number of small, minority, and women-owned businesses must increase in Ward 4! There is a critical need to find ways for our young professionals to find higher-paying jobs that will attract and keep them in the area and benefit the local economy.

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